Godot Engine

What is Godot?

Godot Engine is a completely free game engine that compares to Unity3D. And it’s open-source!
I follow its development and I did a few things with it. Some are library integrations, other are « toying » projects.

C++ modules

Voxel tools: a module to create Minecrafty worlds. It covers topics that are faster to deal with in C++ rather than scripts such as mesh generation and voxel storage.
OpenSimplex: a patent-free noise library for Godot
FastNoise: integration of the FastNoise library for Godot


Voxel Game: an attempt to recreate a Minecraft-like game with vanilla Godot (no modules). It will eventually branch in the future to become a testbed for my Voxel Tools module (because well… scripts are SLOW at this :p).